Joanne Lasse Rohrig

(City Clerk) 


Joanne Rohrig is the City Clerk of Milford, she is a registered republican.


For more information on the duties of City Clerk see here:


  • Incumbent City Clerk (since 2014)

  • Connecticut Certified Town Clerk

  • Vice President & Chairman of the Milford Oyster Festival

  • United Way of Milford Board of Directors

  • Board of Education Minority Leader 2005-2009

  • New Haven County Town Clerk Association

  • Connecticut Town Clerk Association

"We have and continue to develop a strong and transformed Office of the City Clerk.  As the incumbent, I have loved every minute serving the needs of my fellow citizens and continue to strive to improve services with transparency and vigor.  I will continue to represent this important office with a commitment to serve the endearing city I have called home for over 55 years.  My tenure as City Clerk has been highlighted by numerous enhanced services  and communications for our fine community members. I want to continue to build on the changes I have made throughout my tenor.  My focus continues to be to make the Milford City Clerk's office a role model for other towns throughout the State.  My position as City Clerk is and always will be my sole priority".


Joanne along with her family are proud to live in Milford.  She has four children and one grandson.  Her family has owned and operated Lasse's Restaurant in Milford for over 55 years!  She knows what hard work and commitment are and brings that sense of value to the City Clerk's office!