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Dawn King

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Candidate Board of Education       District 5

It has always been my greatest joy to help nurture talent. My over 30 years’ experience as a performer as well as my work as a drama and voice coach has helped me to connect with young performers. My journey as the parent of an aspiring actor has given me an understanding of the industry and of the child/parent dynamic. As a mother of a child who went through the Milford school system, I understand the challenges and importance of a partnership between the Board of Ed and Milford’s parents.  As a trained musician, who has worked with children in the talent industry for 20+ years, I have been supporting children in finding their voice, building their confidence, and preparing them for a bright future.  My ability to navigate the waters of the industry to protect my kids is a tool that I think will serve the parents of Milford.

  When the budget questions arose and the possible closing of harborside came up it started me asking questions.

Did you know that only 50% of our graduating seniors can read at grade level?  Only 38% can do grade-level math and only 50% meet the standard for college preparedness.  Surprised?  I was and although not every child is college bound, as parents and community leaders,  it is our job to set them up for success.  Are you comfortable with these stats?  I am not and was motivated by them to get involved and work to make some positive changes.  

I would like to be part of the solution.  I am running for Milford Board of Ed and need your support to ensure that our children thrive. I have the experience of working hand-in-hand with parents to set goals and bring dreams to reality. When it comes to our children, we all have the same goals and must work together.  Milford BOE needs fair people who have proven results with building relationships, negotiating, and getting results.  I am that person. 

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