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Bob Tschilske


Candidate Board of Education      District 2

Bob Tschilske has lived in Milford CT since 1987.  He is widowed with 2 step-children and 3 grandchildren, all of which have completed their secondary education through the Milford Public School System.

He is currently self-employed as a Quality Systems Auditor/Consultant. He has over 45 years of work experience in Manufacturing and Quality Assurance.

He has a BA in Psychology from Charter Oak State College, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

His experience in the analysis of Quality Systems and the generation of continuous improvement, using Quality Management principles such as the Process Approach, Relationship Management, and Evidence-Based Decision Making, will be helpful in assisting the Milford Board of Education in the achievement of their Mission, Vision, and Commitment Statements.

Milford Board of Education Vision Statement

The Milford Public Schools will be a progressive school district in which students are prepared to achieve at their highest level, surrounded by an engaged community that is proud of its educational system. (5/14/2012)

Milford Board of Education Resolution on Race, Equity and Social Justice

The Board of Education approved its Resolution on Race, Equity and Social Justice at the board meeting on Dec. 14, 2020. This resolution affirms the Board's commitment to ensuring the Milford Public Schools are socially just, anti-racist, and equitable.

Milford Public Schools Mission Statement

Students who graduate from the Milford Public Schools will demonstrate mastery of reading, writing and numeracy. Students will comprehend, organize and analyze information in order to independently solve problems and articulate solutions. Students will demonstrate the attributes of good citizenship and community/school engagement. (9/12/2011)

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