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Dolores spent her summers in Milford as a child and decided to move to Milford as a permanent resident 46 years ago. Her 2 children and her husband attended the Milford Public School System. After many years of teaching, she became an adminstrator. Her extensive experience in the Milford Public Schools makes her a qualified candidate for the Board of Education. 

Dolores Rieth Hannon
Board of Education
District 4

Professional Experience

  • Started her teaching in NYC in the South Bronx as a music and art teacher as well as working with gifted children

  • Worked in a special center for emotionally disturbed youth in NYC

  • Implemented a community arts program with NYC museums 

  • Masters in Psychology

  • Assistant Principal at East Shore Middle School 

  • Principal at Calf Pen Meadow

  • Adjunct professor for education at university of Brideport

  • Implemented and designed the pilot program for the gifted and talented in Milford

  • Attained certification to be qualified to become a Superintendant of schools
  • Upon retiring, was hired by Global Partnership Schools to work with failing school districts

Personal Experience

  • Mother of two successful young women

  • Grandmother of 2 grandsons

  • Continues to volunteer in schools creating a variety of programming to help enhance education

Hobbies and Interests

Singer, musician, artist

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