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Andy Fowler

Candidate Board of Aldermen        District 1

Andy Fowler has called Milford home for nearly 30 years, almost his entire life.
From a young age, he understood faith, family, service, community, and American ideals (he 
had posters of Washington and Lincoln in his room) were strong pillars to build a good life 
upon — thanks to his parents, Jack and Sharon, as well as from the support of his siblings 
Jim, Mary, Elizabeth, and John.
Yet he had challenges early on, specifically with phonics and reading; however, due to 
dutiful and patient teachers (thank you to Ms. Nolan, now Ms. Langley!), he strove to 
succeed academically at St. Mary’s, Harborside Middle School, and Jonathan Law High
School, where he was the Class of 2011’s Valedictorian, winning the Yale Book Award.
While at Law, he did cross country, basketball, and track & field all four years, and was voted 
and selected as captain for all three sports (twice for cross country). But service to the 
community has also been paramount as he volunteered with the Interact Club and Key Club 
in high school, and at the several Catholic parishes he attended, altar serving from fourth 
grade to senior year.
Apart from his service as the Milford Board of Education’s minority leader since 2019, Andy 
remains involved with the Milford Irish Club and the Knights of Columbus.
In his work life, Andy was a camp counselor for the Milford Recreation Department several 
years during high school. After graduating from UConn in 2015, he worked a variety of jobs, 
including the Milford-based company Thinklogical, MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ and for the 
Knights of Columbus Supreme Council. He is an award-winning writer, recognized by the 
Catholic Press Association and the CT Press Club, and curated a four-part online exhibit 
about the K of C’s history with baseball titled ‘K of C Baseball: An American Story.’
He currently works at Yankee Institute, a non-profit public policy organization in Hartford 

dedicated to empowering people to forge a better future for themselves and their families, 
as the organization’s manager of internal affairs. He writes for the think tank’s website, and 
his words have appeared in national outlets such as National Review, The Federalist, and the 
National Catholic Register.

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